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4 best six pack abs workout (no equipment needed)

Six pack is one of the things which is prominent in the youth. Every adult guy wishes to have six-pack abs because it is the sign of being aesthetic.

You might be wishing to get six-pack abs and that's why you are here. You are going to know about 4 best six-pack abs workout which will help you to shade belly fat fast and also strengthen your abdominals.

It isn't tough but not easy too. You might be failed to perform them in the beginning days but if you keep practicing, you will become able to perform them easily.

Here are those 4 best six-pack abs workout that you have to do:

six pack abs workout


Plank is the best workout for burning the belly fat fast. Before getting six-pack abs, you have to lose the belly fat because belly fat covers the entire abdominal area and that's why your abdominal muscles can not be seen. 

So the first thing you have to be doing is plank exercise.

It is a yoga position in which the entire tension of your body directly lies on your belly and that's why you lose belly fat fast.

It is not that easy to perform but if you have to get a six-pack, then you are compelled to do this exercise.

If you perform this exercise every day with full dedication then trust me you will see a drastic change in your belly.

Do not try to be overpowered on the first day. Take baby steps and don't go beyond your limits, it could be horrific for you. If you can not stay at that position for one minute, just don't stay. When you will feel that now you can go for 1-2 minutes, then go for it.

Best exercise to get an amazing upper body at home


Knee raising is one of the best exercises to lose lower belly fat. In this exercise, you have to sit on a bench and then you have to hold the corners of the bench and then you have to keep your ankles 10 inches above of the ground and then you have to try to touch your chin through your knees and then you have to take your knees again in that position.

You have to repeat this exercise for 10-15 times, it could be intense for you but remember one thing that this exercise is going to give you six-pack abs. Do this exercise after the plank because this exercise is best for losing the lower belly fat.


Crunches are also good exercises for strengthening the abdominal muscles. Your abdominal muscles will only be visible when you will provide the strength to your abs and neither exercise is better than crunches to strengthen the abdominal muscles. So do at least 25-35 crunches every day and strengthen your abdominal muscles.

You can also take someone's help in this exercise because it becomes tough for beginners to stable their bodies in that position while performing this exercise. But you have to do this exercise for getting shredded abs. To perform this exercise after getting done with your knee raising exercise.

This is one of the best six-pack abs workouts.

Leg raising

Leg raising is the toughest exercise of abdomens because it takes lots of energy and tolerance to perform this exercise. This exercise strengthens your abs muscles along with your side abs muscles and it also makes it more shredded.

To perform this exercise, you need a pull-up bar and then you have to hang over that. Thereafter, you have to raise your legs up and then down, make sure you don,t have to bend your legs, you have to keep your legs straight while performing this exercise.

This is the best exercise to make your abs more shredded and more visible. You have to perform this exercise after crunches.

You will also need lean protein to gain lean muscles. Raw whey protein is best for muscles.


Perform these 4 best six-pack abs workout every day along with a proper diet. You have to increase protein intake and decrease the carbs intake. You can take eggs because they are the best and cheap source of protein. Anyone can perform these exercises to get six-pack abs. You can get lots of videos on the internet related to these exercises if you have no idea about them.

Remember one thing that before performing these exercises, you have to do warm-up for at least 10 minutes and after performing this exercise, you have to do stretching for 15 minutes. These things will help you to avoid injuries and muscle imbalance like problems.

I assure you that you will definitely get six pack abs in just 4 weeks if you do everything that I have mentioned above.

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