5 tips to grow a dense beard fast

Growing a beard has been a task nowadays. Every adult wants to grow a beard because it gives a royal look. Here are the 5 tips to grow a dense beard fast. You have to follow every single tip if you are serious about it. One thing you need to know that if you grow some beard then read this blog. 

So here are the 5 super tips to grow a good beard fast and in a natural way.

5 tips to grow a dense beard fast, how to grow beard fast

Get enough protein

Protein plays a very important role in our body. You might be knowing that without testosterone, you can not grow a beard. Testosterone plays a key role in beard growth. Protein helps in the formation of testosterone in our bodies. Our body produces 6-milligram testosterone in a day. 

You must be having enough protein to grow a beard fast. There are lots of sources of protein. You can choose to consume a few of them. 

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Lift weights

Lifting weights also helps in growing beards. You might be thinking how can it be possible, but it is true. Testosterone remains in high quantity in our legs, so when you work out, you burn the calories and it also creates stress in your legs resulting in your testosterone boosts. 

So you must be working out to boost the testosterone. You can also choose to exercise at home if you can not go to the gym. It will be best for you.

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Let it grow

Beard is not something that you can grow overnight. It is a slow process, you need to give it some time. Some people shave it off because of having irregular and patchy beard. You don't have to do this, just give it some time of 7-8 weeks and let it grow in its way. You have to go through this stage if you wish to have a good beard. 

At the patchy areas, the hairs grow gradually so you don't have to cut or shave them otherwise you will have to wait again. Once you get hairs in those patchy areas, just groom it in your own style.

Wash it off

You must have to clean your face at least 5 times a day. Use a face wash instead to keep it fresh and dirtless. Use face wash thrice a day and when you get back home from out, use it again. Make sure while using face wash, you have to rub it in the pore properly and then finish it with water splashes.

Sometimes what happens, the dirt stuck in the pores of the skin and then it creates hinder in hair growth. So to get rid of this problem, you must be using a face wash. One thing more, when you go to bed, use the face wash and then sleep. 

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Keep it moist

Use a moisturizer or oil to keep your beard moist. It is known that dryness leads to slow hair growth. So keep it nourished and after using the moisturizer, use a wooden comb for combing them. Why a wooden comb? Wooden comb avoids the plucking of hairs which causes inflammation and irritation. 

So use a beard oil or any moisturizer. Make sure you don't have to use hair oil and you don't have to use it in excessive quantity. Take a little amount of it, rub it and then massage your beard. Make sure you have to massage it in the pores properly and when you go out, you have to wash your face and wipe it with a towel properly. 
Use moisturizer again while you go to sleep after washing your face with face wash. 


These are the proven ways that help you to grow a beard. There is no oil or product is made which can help you to grow a beard fast. 

As I have mentioned that facial hairs depend on the testosterone hormone. The more you have testosterone in your body, the more hairs you have. But if you follow these tips, you will be able to grow a good beard fast. 

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