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5 best tips to grow a beard fast

Beard has been a trend for decades and it is the dream of every single guy to have a good looking as well as a dense beard.

Well, it depends upon many factors such as genes, testosterone levels, etc.

Today you will get to know about how to grow a beard fast.

All you need to do is to follow every single tip.

So here are the 5 super tips about how to grow a beard fast

how to grow beard fast

Get enough protein

Protein plays a very important role in our body.

Along with helping you become more muscular, protein also helps you in growing more high-quality hairs.

Protein boosts the testosterone level in your body which ultimately stimulates the hair growth (especially facial and bodily hairs).

The more testosterone you have, the more high quality and dense facial hairs you will grow.

Testosterone is the most powerful male hormone.

Our body produces 6-milligram testosterone in a day.

So, if you want to have a good beard, get enough protein.

Consume foods like eggs (with yolk), chicken, fish, tofu, milk, etc.

Some of these foods contain a good quantity of biotin which also stimulates the testosterone level in your body.

Along with that, you can also consume these natural herbs. They may also boost your testosterone level.

Lift weights

how to grow beard fast

Lifting weights also helps in growing a beard fast.

You might be thinking how can it be possible? But it is.

Resistance training such as lifting weights and calisthenics requires lots of energy and stamina to be done and when you perform it, your blood flow increases and your muscles get broken down.

As I have mentioned earlier that testosterone is the most powerful male hormone and because of the testosterone, you are able to lift heavyweights.

So, when you end up with lifting weights, your body starts producing more testosterone to compensate for the lack and it also heals out the broken muscles with the help of protein.

So this is how weight training boosts your testosterone and I have mentioned earlier that the more testosterone you have, the more facial hairs you will grow.

If you can't go to the gym for any reason, that's ok.

You can do exercises like push-ups, situps, squats, crunches, burpees, lunges.

These exercises are best and they work equally as lifting weights.

You don't need a piece of equipment to perform them, you can perform them at your home.

Let it grow

Beard is something that you can't grow overnight.

It is a slow process, you need to give it some time.

You might be facing problems like patches, irregular hairs, curls, etc. but you still have to let it grow.

The growth rate of hair could be slow in some areas of your cheek because of not proper blood flow and that's why it looks patchy.

But if you find some hair follicles over those areas, just let it grow cause it will take some more time. 

These are the stages and every guy goes through it. All you need is to be patient and calm your frustration.

Also, make sure that you have to clear your neckline and upper cheek areas once a week. It will make your irregular beard look a little bit tidy and dense.

If you can't do it yourself, just don't even try. Find a barber to do it for you.

I suggest to give it at least 8-10 weeks. You have to pass this patience test if you want to pull off the look that you always wanted.

After you pass this test, find your style and get it groomed.

Wash it off

You just don't have to grow a beard.

You have to keep it clean, tidy and oil-free.

Some guys accumulate lots of oil on their faces because of having oily skin and that could be something that creates a hurdle in the beard growth.

The oily skin causes the dust particles to stick to your skin for a long time which blocks the pores of your hair follicles and that's what creates the hurdle in your beard growth.

It also causes skin rashes, acne, and itching that may hurt you.

You must be washing your face at least 5 times a day.

Use men's facewash especially in the morning and in the night before you go to bed. Also, use it when you get back home from the outside.

Make sure you have to take a little amount of it in order to avoid the itching and white powdery spots.

While using face wash, you have to rub it in the pores properly and then finish it with water splashes.

It will help you a lot in getting rid of oils from your skin and it will also help you to grow the beard fast.

Keep it moist

The last thing that you get to do with your beard is keeping it moist.

In the early stages of beard growth, you might have problems like itching and rashes which is common.

This itching occurs because of dryness and the only way of getting rid of this problem is by keeping it moist.

Use a moisturizer or oil (castor or almond oil).

Take a few drops of it, rub it in your hands and thereafter, message your cheek properly for 5 minutes.

This will help you in getting rid of itchiness and along with that, it will also stimulate the proper blood flow across your face and that way, you will grow more facial hairs.

One more thing you need to keep in your mind is that before you go out, wash off your face with a facewash if you had oiled it.

If you go out with that oily face, it will invite the dust particles to block the pores which you will never want.

So what's better is to wash it properly and when you get back, wash it again and then oil it if you feel itchiness.

One thing more you can do to stimulate blood flow across your face is by combing your beard.

Get a wooden comb because it doesn't pluck your facial hair and then comb it properly with a hard hand.

It doesn't matter if you have grown a few numbers of hairs.

The main reason behind combing is to stimulate the blood flow across your cheeks which will help you to grow more hairs fast.

The last tip

Stay hydrated.

Drink 8-9 glasses of water every day.

Water also stimulates the proper blood flow and it also helps you in getting rid of chubby cheeks.

So, drink enough water.


These are the proven ways that help you to grow a beard fast.

There is no oil or product is made which can help you to grow a beard fast and if you are using it, you're doing nothing but fooling yourself.

As I have mentioned that facial hairs depend on the testosterone hormone and genetics.

The more testosterone hormone you have, the more hairs you will grow.

But if you follow these tips, you will be able to grow a good beard fast because these are the proven ways and they actually work.

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