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3 best exercises to lose back fat

Just like other body fat, back fat is also something which is concerned. Here are the 3 best exercises to lose back fat fast at home. No equipment is needed, you just need a mat.

These are the bodyweight exercises. 

Here are the 3 best exercises for 'how to lose back fat'? 

3 best exercises to lose back fat, how to lose back fat

Superman pose

Superman pose is a yoga pose that is best for losing back fat.

In this exercise, you need to lay down on your belly side and then you need to tighten your body backwardly. You need to keep your legs and hands straight and then stretch them back and make your body like a canoe.


While performing this exercise, you will feel lots of tension on your back and shoulder but you have to be continued.

This exercise not just helps you to get rid of back fat but also helps you to lose butt fat and lower belly fat. If you perform this exercise regularly, it will be best for you and you will burn the fat fast.

3 best exercises to lose weight fast at home

Upward plank

Upward Plank is also best for losing back fat.

In this exercise, you need to lay down on your backside and then you need to keep your hands back and then you have to elevate your body, make your body like an incline bench.


You have to stay in that position for 1-2 minutes for better results. This exercise is a little bit tougher but you have to perform it to lose back fat.

This exercise comprises back and thigh muscles and while performing this exercise, you feel lots of pain and stress in your back.

But make sure you have to perform this exercise because this is one of the best exercises which can be performed at home for burning back fat.

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Push-ups also help in losing back fat. When you perform push-ups, your shoulder blades work which helps in losing the fat.

Though push up is not easy to perform but it is super effective. You also lose the fat from your lats when you perform them.


Push-ups also help in building a good upper body because this exercise comprises compound muscles and they work together.

You should definitely do this exercise if you wish to have a toned back.


These are the best exercises which you can perform at home without equipment to lose back fat fast. You have to perform them regularly because I have also performed them when I had accumulated lots of fat in my back and I performed each exercise every day with full dedication.

Anyone can perform them for losing back fat fast.

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