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How to lose chest fat : 3 best exercises

Chest fat or we can say man boobs (moobs) is the worst thing, and every male who has them wants to get rid of them, and the reason you are here is to get the answer to your question on how to lose chest fat.

Man boobs look disgusting and sometimes it makes you feel awkward.

Here are the three best exercises which are the answer to your question about how to lose chest fat.

These are the best exercises and they can be easily performed even at home to lose chest fat fast. All you have to do is to follow all these exercises every day.

Three best exercises for losing chest fat fast

how to lose chest fat

Push up

Push-up is one of the best exercises which you can do to get rid of chest fat fast.

As you might be knowing that when you perform push up, your chest muscles work and accumulate blood in them.

You also burn lots of calories while performing the push-up and why it is best for losing chest fat because your entire chest muscles work which creates stress on them and ultimately you burn lots of fat. 

Push up also provides strength to your chest and makes it look shredded and toned. You are supposed to do this exercise regularly to lose chest fat fast. 

You must be doing at least 80 repetitions of push up a day if you are serious about losing chest fat.

Chest muscles which are also known as the pectoralis major muscles are amongst the large muscles and you need to put lots of effort to burn fat from there.

You can make 3 sets in which you can divide 25 reps in each set and after every set, rest for 15 seconds. 

You might find it tough to perform for the first time because your muscles get stretched which has never been stretched before but after a few days, you will achieve a significant range of motion. 

Trust me, this is the best exercise for how to lose chest fat.

Decline push up

Decline push-up is quite similar to a normal push-up.

This is also very effective for getting rid of chest fat and it targets the upper chest area.

I must say that this exercise is tougher than normal push-up and you can not perform it easily but you must be doing this exercise to lose chest fat fast.

In this exercise, you need to keep your foot on an elevated thing and your palms should be on the ground.

The position will be the same as push up but your legs will be elevated from the earth.

Even though this is tough to perform, but this is the best exercise for losing fat from the upper chest

The upper chest is an area where it is tough to create stress in the case of bodyweight workout and that's why you must perform decline push-ups.

This exercise also provides strength to your shoulders and chest and it also helps you to build a good upper body and this is how to lose chest fat.

If you know how to perform a decline push up then it's okay but if you don't know how to exactly perform it then you can watch this video and you have to perform it exactly the guy in the video is performing.

I understand that it will be quiet tough for you to perform it but within a few days, you will perform it perfectly. 

You will have to do at least 50 repetitions of this exercise.

You can make 4 sets of this exercise and each set should include 12 reps. You can take 15 seconds to rest after performing each set. 

Decline plank

Decline plank targets your entire chest and helps you to burn fat from there.

As plank targets your belly because the entire weight comes on your belly, decline plank targets your chest and it creates lots of tension across your pectoralis muscles because the entire body weight lies over your chest area.

This exercise is similar to a decline push-up, but in this exercise, you don't have to make the moment, you just need to keep your arms on earth just like a plank, and then you have to stay in the same position for a couple of minutes.

Make sure your head is up while performing this exercise.

If you want to know how to perform this exercise perfectly then you can watch this video clip.

It is a kind of yoga pose and it also helps you in losing fat from your neck area.

This exercise might be tough for you because it takes lots of practice to perform it properly.

Make sure you have to do this exercise every day even if you can't squeeze your body in that position for more than a few seconds.

After a couple of days, you will be able to last for minutes. This is the last exercise about how to lose chest fat.


These are the best exercises and you must perform them for better results. When it comes to talking about how to lose chest fat, the only answer is by burning calories and these are the three best exercises that you can do to burn the calories and lose chest fat fast.

You can perform these exercises at your home. You don't need any kind of equipment, you just need a mat. 
Performing these exercises regularly will help you to get rid of chest fat fast. These exercises are not very advanced and you can perform them perfectly without any special efforts.

Anyone can perform these exercises and these exercises won't take more than 1 hour. 

Make sure you warm up your body properly for 10 minutes before performing these exercises and stretch your body for 5 minutes after performing these exercises.

These things avoid cramps and strains that may occur. 

If you have so much fat accumulated on your chest and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible then you can do one thing, you can follow a diet plan along with these exercises to lose chest fat fast.

Diet plays a very important role in achieving fitness goals and you must follow it. No matter it is weight gain or weight loss, you are supposed to follow a diet plan along in order to get the best results.

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