5 best ways to lose face fat and to get a chiseled jawline within 2 weeks

Just like body fat, we also want to get rid of chubby face because it makes you look like a baby. This is a fact that if we see a person who is clean shaven and has a chubby face then we can't create a perception about his age easily.Everyone wish to have a masculine look, strong jawline and massive beard. But some things like beard is not in our control but somethings can be controlled like we can get rid of chubby face, we can have a chiseled jawline. 

Here is the 5 ways which are going to help you to get rid of face fat fast within weeks:

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Drink enough water 

Drinking water increases the metabolism by 24% and it is found in a study. You must be drinking enough water to get rid of it. Sodium consumption makes our face puffy and water helps us to dissolve the sodium completely. 
So you must be drinking enough water after half an hour of your lunch and dinner because usually we take sodium in bulk amount in our major meals like lunch and dinner. Make sure you drink enough water after 20-30 minutes of your meal because drinking plenty of water just after your meal can create stomach related issues. 

So keep remember one think that you have to be hydrated every time and you have to drink enough water after your meals. This helps a lot in losing face fat fast.

Lift weights

You can never lose face fat unless you lose body fat. So first thing you need to do is to lose body fat because when you will lose the body fat, ultimately you will lose the face fat. So do some physical activities which make you sweat and burn calories

I don't mean that you have to lift weights in order to lose the weight fast, you can also do home workouts which works same as lifting weight in gym. Here is the 3 best exercises for losing weight fast at home and you can perform them without a single equipment. If you do these exercises for 30-45 minutes everyday then it's fine.
Do these exercises every single day and you will see the result. As soon you will start losing body fat, you will ultimately start losing face fat so make sure you have to lose body fat in order to lose face fat fast.

Face exercises

Do some facial exercises like make fish face, balloon face and fill water in your mouth and try to keep it for 2-3 minutes. These are the best exercises and they help you to burn face fat and also strengthen your cheek bone. You can do these exercises in the morning after brushing your teeth. They will not take more than 10 minutes and they will work effectively.

While performing these exercises, you will feel so much pain and tension in your cheeks and that's what you need to have. If you can do then perform these exercises twice a day and you will see the result after 1-2 weeks. These exercises will strengthen your jaw and you will get a chiseled jawline and a defined face.

If you do not know how to exactly perform these exercises then you can watch this video. This video includes the 3 best exercises which are best for losing face fat fast and to get a more defined face. If you know how to perform the exercises which are mentioned above then you can skip this video.

Low sodium consumption

As I have mentioned that high consumption of sodium leads to puffy face. So you need to cut down your sodium consumption. Don't take too much sodium, if you can get satiated in few pinches then have only few pinches of it. 

Make sure you have to be hydrated every time in order to lose face fat fast in a week. So cut down your sodium intake and avoid the foods which contain very high amount of sodium, this will help you a lot in losing the face fat fast and this is science backed.

Massage your face

Massage is also one of the best ways to lose face fat. Massage your face at least twice a week because it provides heat and pressure which helps you to burn the face fat. This also helps in proper flow of blood in our face. You can use a moisturizer or oil to make your face moist and then you can massage it properly. 

This will be helpful to lose face fat fast and get a sharp jawline and this will also improve the proper blood flow in your face. Do not rub too much, it may hurt your face. Also massage your chin from all the way down to your adam's apple. 


Perform these exercises and you will be able to lose cheek fat and double chin. Jawline gives a mature look and makes you look more handsome and beautiful. So these are a couple of ways through which you can lose face fat fast from your face and get a strong jawline. Follow all the things properly and you will see the result fast. 

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