4 best exercises to lose thigh fat in 3 weeks.

Thigh fat are also stubborn just like lower belly fat and it is not very easy to lose them fast. But few exercises are exist which are super effective and they help you to get rid of it. If you want to be looked slim then you have to lose thigh fat because they are big parts of our body and they can not be hidden.
So you have to work on your thighs in order to lose fat fast. 

Here is the 4 best exercises which you can perform to lose thigh fat fast and effectively. 

4 best exercises to lose thigh fat in 3 weeks, how to lose thigh fat fast

Upward plank 

Upward plank is an amazing yoga pose which helps you to burn thigh fat because in this pose, the entire weight of your body directly comes on your thighs which creates stress on your thighs and ultimately you burn the fat.

This pose can easily be taken. You just need to lay down on your back side and place your hands on the floor at the place of your shoulder blades and then make your body like inclined bench. Now you just need to stay in that position for few minutes. You will feel stress on your thighs and you will sweat. Try to make a mind-muscle connection because it helps you to realize the pain exactly.


Running is also best for losing thigh fat fast because your legs play the entire role and that's why it is best. You can only lose the thigh fat when you will run fast. I'm not saying that jogging does not help you to lose thigh fat but it works slowly. But when you run fast, you get exhausted, you sweat and you also feel pain in your legs. 

Always remember that if you are not feeling pain while performing any particular exercises, it is worthless. You must feel pain because when you feel so, it means that you are burning fat.  So run faster and try to go beyond your limits.

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Squats can also be performed at home. I must say that you might be knowing about squats. Squats are best for losing fat from entire legs. You can also make it intense, just take a back pack and fill something which has weight. You can fill small stones because they are best and you don't have to pay any cost for them.

You need to perform squats for losing thigh fat. Just do this exercise and when you are about to give up, just don't give up, I simply mean that when you think that you can't do even one more rep, just try to do at least 3-5 reps because at that time, your body is warm and you are more capable to burn the fat. So try to go beyond your limits and think that "pain is temporary, slim legs are permanent". 

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Side leg raising

Side leg raising is also a very good exercise which helps you to lose thigh fat. In this exercise, you need to lay down on you one side (either left or right) and then you need to raise your one leg up. Try to get your leg more up and squeeze it at that same position for few minutes. While performing it, you will feel pain and it means that you are burning the fat. 

After getting done with your one side, go with another side and do the same. This exercise is best for getting rid of thigh fat and it also helps you to lose waist fat. 

These are the best exercises and they can be performed at home without any external equipment. All you need is a mat and if you can then get yourself a pair of sports shoes because it helps in gripping. Anyone can perform these exercises in order to get rid of thigh fat fast. 

                           If you do these exercises regularly and if you follow diet with it, you will see the results soon and you will be able to dress up according to your preference because some people don't get fit in their favorite dresses because of having fatty thighs. So have patience and perform them regularly with full dedication.

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