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3 best exercises to lose weight fast at home

There are so many fat burning exercises but it is not possible to perform all of them. So here is the top three best fat burning exercises to burn the fat and lose weight fast at home.

You don't need any equipment to perform these exercises, you just need a mat and if possible then get a pair of sport shoes. 


3 best exercises to lose weight fast at home, how to lose weight fast at home

Plank is a Yoga pose but it is also considered as a workout. Plank is a very good and super effective workout which comprises the contraction of different muscles of our body. 

It is the only workout which helps you to lose fat from different parts of the body like, it helps you to lose thigh fat, belly fat, chest fat, arm fat and chin fat. You must be knowing that we can not lose weight unless we cut down the fat from different parts of our body.

It comes under the intense workout because it is not easy to perform but if one tries continuously, he will become able to perform it easily. This workout can be done within 15 minutes and it shows the result very soon

All you have to do is to stay in that position and time your self. Do not go for long, just do according to your potential. If you can do it for 50 seconds only, do it for so. But, don't limit yourself, increase the time every week . Make sure to keep your head up and look straight.

Upward plank

3 best exercises to lose weight fast at home, how to lose weight fast at home
Upward plank

Upward plank is the best exercise in order to lose the back fat and hip fat. In this workout, the procedure will be same as plank and you have to follow the same rule as you follow for the plank.

This workout is a little bit tougher than plank because here it is tough to configure your body in that position. But if you perform it, you will lose your back fat, resulting, you will get a well shaped and toned back.

Human Boat pose

3 best exercises to lose weight fast at home, how to lose weight fast at home
Boat pose

Boat pose is one of the best exercises in order to lose the weight. You have to be stable in a position in this exercise which is similar to the above exercises. It is also a yoga pose which works like a belly fat burner. This exercise especially targets your belly and waist and it also burns the thigh fat. 

In this exercise, you just need to be stable in the pose of a boat, make a mind muscle connection and feel the stress in your belly and thigh, if you don't feel so, reconfigure your body and get in that position. Try to be stable for long because it helps a lot in burning the fat fast. Make sure you don't have to go beyond your limit, it may result horrible. Just do it in your limit for a couple of days and then extend your limit and be assured that you have to be regular if you are really concerned about it. 

Before performing these exercises, warm up your body for 10 minutes, it makes our body a little bit warm which avoids the chances of injuries and after performing these exercises, stretch your body for 15 minutes because it helps to achieve the flexibility and mobility

Perform these exercises regularly and you will see the change in your body after a couple of months. Anyone can perform these exercises.

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