Best exercise to get an amazing upper body at home

Everyone wish to have an amazing and attractive upper body. There are so many exercises and workouts which you can perform in order to get a good upper body but here I have mentioned the top five exercises which you can do to get a good upper body .You can do these exercises at home, you only need a mat that's it. 

Best exercise to get an amazing upper body at home, upper body workout

Here is the list of those top exercises:

  • Push up
  • Wide grip push up
  • Narrow grip push up
  • Diamond push up

Push up is the most common exercise and probably everyone knows about it. This exercise seems simple and easy but if you do it in correct form, you will not be able to go beyond 15-20 repetitions of it. This exercise comprises the compound muscles and it is one of the best exercises for you if you are concerned about getting a good upper body. 

This exercise directly targets you chest muscles, forearms and triceps and it accumulates the blood in those parts of the body. Though it is not easy to do but it is super effective. You should be doing this exercise if you want to get a massive chest and arms.

You can do different types of push ups like Narrow grip push ups, diamond push ups, wide grip push ups. These are the different kinds of the push ups which targets the different muscles of your body like chest, shoulder, biceps, triceps, forearms, abdominal muscles. If you don't know about these exercises you can check the tutorials of these exercise on internet, you will get thousands of videos.     

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All you have to do is to perform these exercises everyday. These exercises won't take more than half an hour. You can perform these exercises at home as well as in gym. You can also perform these exercises as a circuit workout. Now what is circuit? It means that you can perform these exercises in combined form, but it become tougher to perform. All you have to do is to do push up first then wide grip push up, then narrow grip push up and then diamond push up and then take the deep breathe. If you are a beginner then I would suggest you to do not go for it, it might be malicious for you. 

You don't need to do any thing else apart from them. These are the best workout if you wish to have a good upper body. I won't say that you would become body builder but I am pretty sure that you would get a ripped body like athlete. All you have to do is to do them every day and have good diet.  
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