Best weight loss diet plan for vegetarian to lose weight fast

Losing weight is tough but it can be made easy with proper diet and exercise. Vegetarian foods are best in order to lose weight fast. One must take vegetarian foods for weight loss because they contain very low calories. Here is the best weight loss diet plan for vegetarian to lose weight fast. You must follow this diet plan if you want to get in shape. 

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First meal (breakfast)

As far as weight loss or weight gain is concerned, breakfast should never be skipped. In both the cases, you have to take healthy foods, the difference is that in one case you have to consume low calorie foods and in another case, you have to consume high calorie foods.

You can consume the following things, they are low calorie foods and they are best for weight loss:
  • Oats
  • Toned milk
  • Apple
  • Lemon tea

Take half bowl of toned milk and add some oats (50-70 grams) in it and then eat it. Thereafter, eat one apple or you may choose to chop the apple and add them in your oats. After 15 minutes of your breakfast, prepare a cup of lemon tea and drink that. 
                                               Make sure the tea should not be very highly concentrated, it should be normal and consumable.
This breakfast doesn't contain very high amount of calories and it contains good amount of protein and you must be taking it.

Second meal (lunch)

After breakfast, we come to the second meal which is lunch. Between these two meals, try to consume nothing because your goal is weight loss, but if you get hungry, you can drink black coffee. Black coffee is the cheapest fat burner and it enhances the metabolism which helps in losing weight.

You should definitely consume at least one cup of black coffee in between morning and evening. Never drink it in night because it stimulates you and make you sleepless

In lunch, you have to eat the following things:
  • Chapati 
  • Green veggie
  • Salads
  • Pulse
  • Curd

Take 3 chapatis and 1 bowl of green veggie (spinach or broccoli) along with 1 bowl of cooked pulse and salads. Salad should be in good amount and you must be having onion, tomato, cucumber in your salads.

After your lunch, you have to consume half bowl of curd, make sure you don't have to add high amount of sugar in it, mix 1-2 pinch of sugar in it that's it. This is a very good lunch pack full of protein and low calories. Don't skip anything of them. 

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Third meal (snacks)

The meal which you take after few hours of lunch is here categorized in snacks. You are not going to eat something oily or spicy. As your goal is weight loss, you have to consume something light

You have to consume the following things, they are best and light:
  • Sprouted grams
  • Dates
  • Spinach juice

Take half bowl of sprouted gram, they contain good amount of protein and they also contain other different nutrients. After that, drink 1 glass of spinach juice. It could be hard for you to drink it but you have to drink it for weight loss.
                                             Thereafter, eat 2 dates, they will help you to neutralize the bitterness and date is rich in different nutrients and must be taken. These foods are best and they contain low calories. 

Fourth meal (Dinner)

Your fourth and last meal of the day is dinner. Dinner should also be light like your lunch. In this meal, you need to take some high calorie foods because it's your last meal. You don't have to go for very oily and spicy foods.

You have to eat the following things in your dinner:
  • Chapati
  • Rice
  • Pulse
  • Veggies
  • Salads
  • Toned milk

Take 2-3 chapatis only and 1 bowl of rice along with 1 bowl of pulse and veggies. Here you have to consume the salads again but you don't have to eat them in high amount. You can have half bowl of salads and make sure you should have the lemon in your salad. 

After one hour of your dinner, you have to drink half glass of milk. Milk contains complex protein and it take some times to get completely digested. So you have to drink it and add only one pinch of sugar if you can't drink it simply. 
                                         You don't have to skip a single thing, you have to consume everything which is mentioned.

This is the best vegetarian diet plan and anyone can follow it for weight loss. I have emphasized the protein in this diet because protein is important for our body and it must be taken. Protein plays a very important role in both weight gain and weight loss. 

One should follow this diet plan strictly. This is a full vegetarian diet plan and if one follow it with full dedication, he would see a change after a couple of months. You don't need to take something else apart from them.
                                   Do some exercises along with this diet plan, it will help you to achieve your goal fast and exercise is important for burning calories which ultimately helps you to lose weight.

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