3 best ways to get slim face within 2 weeks

There are two many ways to get a slim face including exercises, diet and many things. But here are 3 best ways which can help you to get a slim face fast. These are proven ways and they actually work. 

Here are the ways which you have to follow in order to get a slim face

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Drinking water

You must know that you should be drinking at least 8 glass of water everyday to stay hydrated. People eat something and sometimes they don't drink water and this is what should be avoided.

Specially when you eat something salty, you must drink water after few minutes of that. Salt contains sodium which makes our face puffy and inflammated which makes it look chubby

Drink enough water after eating something salty, it will help you to in getting a slim face. 

Do some exercises and burn calories

You must be doing some exercises in order to get a slim face fast. Generally, when you do exercise, you burn calories from the entire body and you lose face fat too. 

You can not get a toned or slim face unless you don't work on entire body. You must give at least half an hour to your body. Do some exercises or workout in that half an hour and burn calories. You don't need to go to gym, you can perform a couple of exercises at home without any equipment.

Face exercises and massage 

Do some face exercises like fish face, balloon face, kissing sky . You can do these exercises in the morning after brushing your teeth. Performing 10 reps of these exercises is quite enough to get a slim face.

These exercises will not take your more than 10 minutes and you have to perform them regularly. One thing more you need to do is face massage. Before getting a bath, apply some face wash or moisturizer on your face along with some drops of water and massage it for at least 5-7 minutes. 
                                    Massage with hard hands entirely from your forehead to neck. This is a very good way to get a slim and toned face. This also helps in proper blood flow in your face. 

These are some best and proven ways which you should follow in order to get a slim face fast. All you have to do is to be regular and follow everything religiously. If you follow them regularly then I guarantee you that you would get a slim face withing 2 weeks.
                 Anyone can follow these things in order to get rid of chubby face. You have to follow every mentioned things. 

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