Best and easy ways to get rid of pimples within days

One must know that the problem of pimple is common but sometimes it becomes chronic and people take lots of medicines in order to get rid of it. In most of the cases, the medicine doesn't work and sometimes it creates side effects like itching, inflammation, redness etc. 
One should follow some remedies instead of having lots of medicines because remedies don't have any side effect and they work faster than the medicines and homeopathic medicines. 

These are some best and proven ways which you can follow in order to get rid of pimples within days :

how to get rid of pimples fast , best ways to get rid of pimples within days

  • Stay hydrated- Oily and dry skin both are bad and one should drink enough water to get rid of both the problems. Drinking enough water keeps your skin moist naturally and it also helps in getting rid of oily skin which causes the problem of pimples. You must be drinking at least 8 glass of water everyday.

  • Use a face wash- In order to keep your face cool, use a face wash or you may choose to use Aloe vera which is very good for skin and it keeps your skin moist as well as cool naturally. Use it thrice a day, in the morning, noon and before going to bed. 

  • Use Fuller's earth (Multani mitti)- It is a kind of clay which works amazing on acne, pimples and other skin problems. Use this clay thrice a week. Just take a handful of it, mix some water and then apply it on your skin gently and let it be for few minutes until it gets dry. Thereafter, wash it with water splashes and then wipe out your face with a towel gently

  • Use a clean towel- Do not use other's towel, use a clean cotton towel and do not share it with anyone and make sure you have to wipe your skin gently with it. Using hard hands may result in irritation and bleeding from your pimples. Clean your towel everyday in night and if possible, use an anti-bactorial liquid to clean it.

  • Avoid oily foods- It also affects the body because oily foods contain lots of oil which toxify the body and resulting you face different skin problems. Eat less oily foods and increase the amount of salads in your diet. 

  • Green tea- One of the best herbs and my favorite. Green tea is the only herb which helps in losing weight fast as well as helps in detoxifying the body. Green tea has a property of eliminating the toxins from the body and helps a lot in curing skin problems. You can drink it as well as apply it on your skin, it will clean your skin internally as well as externally. Drink it twice a day, first, in the morning in breakfast and second, in evening. Trust me, this is one of the most powerful herbs. It tastes bitter but it has many other qualities apart from mentioned qualities. 

  • Black coffee- Black coffee also helps in detoxifying the body. One can drink it once a day. Don't use milk and sugar, use honey instead of sugar, it works a lot in detoxifying your body. 

  • Exercising- You must know that exercising helps you in controlling many different hormones in the body. You should definitely exercise for at least 20 minutes everyday. Exercising reduces stress and balances the blood flow in the body. Stoppage of blood or poor blood flow also causes the problem of pimples. Exercising causes sweat because you burn calories and consequently, it opens the pores of your skin which helps in getting rid of pimples. You can also perform a couple of exercises at home without a single equipment or you may choose to go to gym.

These are some best as well as proven ways and they actually work. If you are really concerned about pimples and acne then you have to follow these things. Within few days, you will see the changes. 
                                If you are between 18-20 years old then it might work slow because in that period of time, many hormonal changes occur in the body which is natural. But if you follow the above things religiously, then you will definitely get rid of pimples and other common skin problems faster. Male and female, anyone can follow the above things in order to get rid of this problem.  

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