3 best exercises to lose arm fat within weeks.

Just like other body parts, people are also concerned about arm fat. Though it is not a very tough job to lose arm fat, but it could be hard for some people. One can easily get rid of arm fat just by performing a couple of exercises. These exercises can be performed at home. There is no equipment needed to perform them. 

Best exercises to get rid of arm fat fast

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Normal push up

Push up is one of the most prominent and best exercises. Push up has many benefits if you perform them on regular basis. When you perform push ups, you feel lots of stress on your upper body, especially on your arms and that's why it is tough to perform.

Push up helps you in burning lots of calories and it takes lots of efforts to perform it frequently. While performing push ups, yo feel stress on your forearms, biceps and triceps and that's what you need. 

When you feel the pain, it means that you are burning fat. One thing you should do that when you do push ups and when you reach your limit, try to extend it for few more reps because at that time, your body is warm and you have an ability to burn the more calories. 

Narrow grip push up

It is also a good exercise in order to lose fat from the biceps and forearms. In this exercise, you have to do everything like push up but here your palms will be close and when you get down while performing this exercise, your shoulders should touch your hands. 

This exercise especially targets your triceps and forearms and that are the parts where fat gets accumulated. This exercise can be a little bit tougher than normal push ups but it helps in burning fat fast. 

You should definitely be performing this exercise if you want to lose fat fast from your arms. This is not very tough to perform, just practice it. 

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Wide grip push up

This exercise targets your biceps and back forearms. Performing this exercise also helps in losing chest fat. This exercise same as normal push ups but here your hands will be wide and when you perform this exercise, your chest should touch the ground. 

This is also a very good exercise and you must perform it for getting rid of fat from your arms. This exercise also helps in getting rid of shoulder fat and that's why you should perform it. 

This exercise can be a little bit harder but you have to perform it in order to get rid of arm fat. 

Performing these exercises can help you to achieve your goal fast because they are the best exercise which you can perform at home without a single equipment. You must be performing these exercises, they are best and easy to perform. Anyone can perform them for getting rid of arm fat fast. 

You don't have to do anything apart from them, they are best and easy to perform and you perform them regularly, you will lose arm fat within 4-5 weeks, but you have to be regular.

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