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How to lose weight during intermittent fasting

There are many festivals in which people have fasting. Taking an example - Ramadan. Ramadan is the biggest intermittent fasting period which lasts for one month. In different regions of the world, it is celebrated by the people who believe in Islam religion.      
                                            If you have been following it then you must know that for one month, you can not eat anything for a period of time and after evening call for prayer (Azan), you can eat anything till the first call for prayer (Azan) of next day. 

intermittent fasting to lose weight

Some people gain weight in this period of time because they can't follow the diet plan as well as workout plan. For some people, it is tough to maintain their diet and workout because for a period, they don't eat anything for a long time and after that, they eat a lot because of hunger and craving towards food. 

Just think, you don't eat anything for 12-13 hours and suddenly you get a chance to eat. So, what would you do, obviously, you'll eat a lot because you haven't eaten anything for a long period, and this is the reason you gain weight.

Here's how you can control weight gain and maintain your fitness during an intermittent fasting. You can also lose weight in this period. For some people, it is a great opportunity to lose weight during this period of time because you are obligated to not to eat anything which ultimately cuts down your calorie intake and you lose the weight. 

Here I would talk about the one month intermittent fasting (Ramadan) and how you can lose weight during this period.


At the time of evening, the first food which is taken is date. People start their diet with few dates along with juice. One must know that dates are one of the foods which are rich in different essential nutrients. Date has many qualities and it is also rich in calories. 
                                    If you want to lose weight then do not eat more than 4 dates. Eat 4 dates and drink lots of water. After 1 hour, drink some juice of mango or banana but make sure you don't have to consume more than 2 bananas. 

Thereafter, run for 10-15 minutes, I can understand that it is not easy but it is possible. When you run for 10 minutes, you will burn the calories which you had taken before. When you burn calories, you won't gain weight. 

After this, you can drink spinach juice and have some dry fruits. Make sure you have to eat cashews and almonds in dry fruit. Eat half fist of dry fruits, that's more than enough. 
                              After 2 hours of that, you can have a cup of tea, it will refresh you. Make sure you don't have to drink coffee, it will affect your sleep. Have a cup of tea and use sufficient amount of sugar. 

Now, it's time for dinner. In dinner, you can eat 3-4 chapatis, pulse, veggies along with curd and salads. This is a healthy dinner and you are supposed to have it. 
                                                You can also replace the veggies with non-veg (chicken or mutton) but make sure you don't have to eat non-veg everyday. You can eat 3 days non-veg in one week. 

After dinner, do not sleep, just walk for few minutes, it will help you to digest the food and you will also burn some calories. 

Before going to bed, drink half glass of toned milk. Milk contains complex protein and it takes more time to get digested and it doesn't contain very high amount of calories. Do not drink more than half glass and use 2 pinches of sugar for sweet taste. You will not get hungry in night if you drink half glass of milk. It comes under the slow digesting foods. 

This is all you have to do. There is nothing advanced and one can easily follow it in order to lose weight. This diet contains low amount of calories and that's what you have to take. You don't have to do exercises or workout because you are not taking enough calories. You just need to do everything I have mentioned. In this plan, you are also burning calories. 

If you follow this, I am pretty sure that you will definitely lose weight and you will feel blessed after this holy month. Be relaxed, you are not going to be weak because you are taking enough calories and essential nutrients. Just follow it, have patience, abstain things and avoid cravings. 

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