Lose weight in 30 days complete plan

Losing weight becomes a challenge for some people because it takes lots of efforts to lose weight and some people kneel before this challenge. The more your weight is, the more you have to put efforts to get rid of it.

Some people think that they can lose weight without even exercising but it's not true. Diet plays the key role along with exercising. You must be following both the things in order to achieve your goal fast.

You need to follow this lose weight in 30 days complete plan. This plan consists both diet as well as workout. 

Diet plan

Lose weight in 30 days plan, lose weight in 30 days

Breakfast (1st meal)

Breakfast is the first as well as the most important meal and you should never skip it.

Either your goal is weight gain or weight loss, breakfast plays a very important role to achieve your goal in both the cases. 

Your breakfast should be complex and healthy. 

You can add the following things in your breakfast for best results: 
  • Egg whites
  • Spinach juice/smoothie
  • Oats
  • Toned milk

How to consume

You have to eat 2 boiled eggs first. Make sure you have to eat only white portion, you have to avoid the yolk.

Thereafter, you have to take half bowl of oats and cook it with toned milk and then consume it. After 15-20 minutes, you have to drink one glass of spinach juice/smoothie. 
You might hate spinach juice but you have to drink it because it is rich in protein which is responsible for muscle formation and best for weight loss.

This breakfast plan seems heavy but it's not. They are low calorie foods and they contain good amount of protein and after this breakfast, you don't have to consume anything until your lunch. So make sure you have to consume all of them.

Lunch (2nd meal)

Lunch is the second meal which is taken after the breakfast. 

Between your lunch and breakfast, you don't have to eat anything, but if you get hungry, then you can eat a handful of sprouted gram. You may also choose to eat one apple instead of eating grams.

In lunch, you have to eat normal and simple foods. You don't have to eat oily or spicy foods. They contains lots of fats and calories and you might gain the weight instead of losing it.  

You need to add the following things in your lunch, they are best and contain low calories:
  • Pulse
  • Chapati
  • Green veggie
  • Salad
  • Buttermilk

How to consume

Take a bowl of cooked pulse, 2-3 chapatis, green veggie (broccoli or spinach) along with salads. You must have to add onions and tomatoes in your salad.

Make sure you have to chew every bite completely and then swallow it. It also contributes in weight loss

After lunch, you can drink half glass of buttermilk if you prefer. Don't worry, this doesn't contain high calories and you should drink it. 
You don't have to add sugar, you can add black salt instead of sugar in your buttermilk. 

One thing more is that just after your meal, you don't have to drink water. It may cause stomach maladies like acidity and indigestion which you will never want. 

Drink water after 25-30 minutes of your meal. 

Evening snacks (3rd meal)

After 4-5 hours of lunch, you get hungry and then you eat some snacks. 

You can consume a half mug of black coffee between your 3rd and 4th meal. Coffee is good for burning fat and it comes in the category of cheapest fat burners. 
In snacks, you have to eat something healthy and light. You don't have to go for something spicy or oily because your goal is to lose weight in one month. 

You need to consume the following things:
  • Date
  • Sprouted grams
  • Green tea/ lemon tea

How to consume

Eat 2-3 handful of sprouted grams, you don't have to cook that, you have to eat that simply.

Thereafter, you have to eat 2 dates. Dates are best food and they are rich in nutrients. Dates also help in losing weight. You have to consume only 2 dates. 

Finally, you have to drink a cup of green tea or you may choose to drink lemon tea, but I would suggest you to drink green tea because it is considered as the best weight loss beverage.

These are the best snacks for weight loss and they are backed by science as weight loss foods.

Dinner (4th meal)

The last meal of the day for you is dinner.

Dinner should also be simple as lunch. Though it is your last meal of the day, it doesn't mean you would eat heavy foods because, you don't burn calories anyway after your dinner, so you have to take simple and low calorie meal. 

You have to eat the following things:
  • Chapati
  • Salad
  • Rice
  • Pulse
  • Veggies
  • Curd

How to consume 

Again you have to take 2-3 chapatis, 1 bowl of pulse, salads along with veggies (you can have less spicy veggies) and 1 bowl of rice. 

Here you can eat rice, it won't affect your body but you have to take only one bowl of it.
You have to add lemon in your salad because lemon helps in the digestion of the food. You can add the lemon juice in the water and then drink it.

You have to eat half bowl of curd after your dinner, it is good and it also contains protein.

This is the 'lose weight in 30 days diet plan' which you have to follow strictly. 

Now it comes to talk about the exercises which you have to do along with your diet. As I have mentioned that you must have to do some physical activities in order to burn the calories and when you burn calories, you lose weight.

Exercise plan

Lose weight in 30 days plan, lose weight in 30 days

These are the best exercises which you can perform in order to lose weight fast.

These exercises are best for burning calories and losing weight and that's why I have included them in this lose weight in 30 days plan.

They are simple and you can perform them at home without any equipment. You only need a mat that's it. 

You should know one thing that diet plays 65% role and exercise/workout plays 35% role. So you must do some exercises in order to achieve your goal. 


Lose weight in 30 days plan, lose weight in 30 days

Plank is a very good exercise for losing fat from belly, chest and thighs. 

It is a yoga pose but it is considered as an exercise. This is a super effective exercise and it comprises the contraction of different muscles of your body simultaneously

In this exercise, you need to lay down on your belly side and then you need to make your body in the same pose as the image above. 
You need to set a timer and be in that position for minutes. Challenge yourself everyday and increase the time limit. 

You will feel lots of stress on your belly and thighs but you have to be continued in that position. This exercise will help you a lot in losing the weight fast. 

You can also read this to know more about the best exercises for losing chest fat.

Upward plank

Lose weight in 30 days plan, lose weight in 30 days
Upward plank

Upward plank helps in losing weight from back and hip. 

In this workout, the procedure will be same as plank but in this case, you have to make your body like an inclined bench as shown in the image. Though it is a little bit tougher than normal plank but it best for burning fat from back side of the body.
You need to stay in that position for minutes and try to make a mind-muscle connection because it helps you a lot to perform any exercise correctly.  

Human boat pose

Lose weight in 30 days plan, lose weight in 30 days
Human boat pose

Human boat pose is a yoga pose in which you need to make your body like a boat. 

In this exercise, you need to stay in the position as shown in the image above for minutes and you need to keep your body squeezed

This exercise is best for losing lower and upper belly fat and it also helps in losing fat from thighs. 
This exercise also strengthens your lower body. You can set a timer while performing this exercise, it will help you to know your limits and extend your limits everyday.

It's not that easy to lose thigh fat because it is hard to create tension on thighs and that's why you must be performing this exercise regularly.

Push up

Strength exercises also needed to be performed.

Push up is one of the best exercises to get an amazing upper body. Our compound muscles work while performing push ups and it also helps you to burn lots of calories.
You must be performing at least 50 push ups a day if you wish to have a lean body. You might be knowing how to perform it because it is a very well known exercise and probably everyone can perform it.

If you don't know how to perform push up correctly then you must watch this video

Superman pose

This is also a very good yoga pose and it is performed for burning fat from back and waist. 

You have to work on each major part of your body in order to lose weight. This exercise is very simple and one can perform it easily. 
In this exercise, you need to lay down on your belly side and then you need to make your body straight and make your body like canoe. Your hands should be straight and forward of your head and your whole body should be on your lower belly. 

While performing this exercise, you must be feeling lots of pain and stress on your entire back and if such happens, it means that you are performing it correctly. 

You have to stay in that position for minutes and try to increase the tolerance level everyday. This exercise provides strength to your back and helps you in burning lots of calories.

One thing which is also important and makes you look fat is face fat. Chubby cheeks show that you are fat and it also looks awkward. Here is the best ways to lose face fat fast and get a defined and chiseled jawline. Make sure you have to follow them too. 


These are a couple of exercises which you must be doing in order to lose weight fast. You need to follow everything which is mentioned for best result. 

Anyone can follow this lose weight in 30 days plan in order to lose weight fast. All you have to do is to follow this 'lose weight in 30 days complete plan' religiously.

You need to follow the diet plan as well as exercise plan everyday. Regularity is the key so you have to be regular because your goal is to lose weight in 30 days so you have to do everything accordingly. 

I assure you that if you do everything accordingly, you will see a new you after 30 days.
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