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Diet plan for losing weight in 4 weeks

Losing weight has been a challenge nowadays. Some people eat less but they gain weight fast and some people eat a lot but don't gain weight. Junk foods play the key role in weight gain because they contain lots of oils and spices which makes us craving towards it. 

We can not lose weight unless we cut down our calorie intake. Some people think that by working hard in gym, they will lose the weight, but it is partially true. You have to follow a diet plan if you wish to lose weight fast. Here is the diet plan for losing weight in 4 weeks and it actually works. You need to follow it in order to lose weight fast. 

Diet plan for losing weight in 4 weeks, weight loss diet

Meal 1 (Breakfast)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should never skip it. It is the first meal and you need to eat something complex.

In breakfast, you may choose to eat the following things. They consist of low calories and they are best foods for weight loss:

  • Spinach juice
  • Sprouted gram
  • Lemon tea
  • Oats
  • Egg whites

These foods are rich in protein and that's all you need in the morning. Eat 2 egg whites and then prepare a bowl of oats with toned milk and then eat it. After sometimes, eat 1 handful of sprouted grams and then you may choose either lemon tea or spinach juice as finisher

This is the best combination which you can have as your breakfast. They contain protein and they possess low calories. 

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Meal 2 (Lunch)

The second meal which is taken after breakfast is lunch. Between breakfast and lunch, you don't have to eat anything. But if you get hungry, then you can eat an apple. Apple does not contain very high amount of calories and you can have it. 

In lunch, you can eat following things:

  • Pulse
  • Chapatis
  • Green veggies
  • Buttermilk
  • Salads

Take a bowl of cooked pulse and 2-3 chapatis along with green veggie like spinach or broccoli and salads. You can add tomato and onion in your salad. After getting done with your lunch, you can drink a half glass of buttermilk. Buttermilk contains very low calories and you can have it after the meal. 

These foods are best and you can take them as your lunch. They contain low calories and best for weight loss.

Meal 3 (Evening snacks)

After 4-5 hours of lunch, the next meal which is taken is snack. You have to take healthy snacks. Make sure you don't have to eat anything oily or spicy in snacks if you are serious about losing weight fast. 

You can consume following things:

  • Tomato soup
  • Black coffee
  • Green tea
  • Dates

These foods are best for weight loss and you can consume them in order to lose weight fast. You can eat 2 dates and then you can have 1 bowl of tomato soup. You have to eat only 2 dates. If you don't like to have tomato soup then you can have black coffee.
                                    Black coffee contains 0 calories and it is the cheapest fat burner. It increases the metabolism and helps you to burn the calories. You can also replace coffee with green tea, it is also best for weight loss.
These foods are best for weight loss and you have to consume them in order to lose weight fast.

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Meal 4 (Dinner)

The last meal of the day is dinner. Make sure you don't have to eat anything between the snacks and dinner. It is a 4 weeks diet plan and you have to follow everything accordingly. So after snacks, you only have to eat dinner.

In dinner, you don't have to consume something heavy, you only have to consume these things:

  • Chapatis
  • Salads
  • Rice
  • Pulse
  • Veggies
  • Curd

You need to have 2 chapatis and 1 bowl of veggies along with half bowl of rice and 1 bowl of cooked pulse. You have to eat salads in a good amount and you have to add lemon in your salads. After your dinner, you can eat 50 grams of curd. Curd is good in protein and it can be taken after dinner. 
                                         You can also mix the lemon juice in a glass of water and then drink it, it will help you to digest the food faster. 

This is a diet plan and this can be followed for losing weight in 4 weeks. Anyone can follow this diet plan in order to lose weight within 30 days. Many people have followed this and they found it beneficial for them. 

You just need to do exercise/workout along with this diet plan. You can not lose weight fast unless you do some physical activities. If you follow everything which I have mentioned then trust me you will see the change after 4 weeks. All you have to do is to follow these things with full dedication. 

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