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Calories you should take for losing weight fast.

People always ask questions like how many calories for weight loss, how much should I eat in order to lose the weight fast etc. You might be knowing that weight gain and weight loss, both the things depend upon how much calories do you take. 

If you take lots of calories and you don't burn them, then you will gain the weight, but if you burn all the calories which you take in the entire day, then you will be able to lose the weight. 

Here is everything you need to know about calories and weight loss

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Calories and its concept

You must be knowing that you always get hungry when your body seeks the energy and your body gets the energy from the calories and you get the calories from food. Different foods contain different amount of calories and that's why sometimes you eat more but you still stay hungry and sometimes you eat less and your hunger gets vanished. So this is the game of calories. 

It is known that 3500 calories is equal to 1 pound and if you target to lose the weight fast, you have to burn 3500 calorie every single day which is not an easy task. An average woman needs to consume 2000 calories and a man needs to consume 2500 calories a day and both should burn 75-80% of calories in order to lose the weight. But this thing doesn't always imply. This is the concept of how many calories for weight loss. 

Calories you should take in order to lose the weight fast

Here I'm explaining everything simply without adding scientific terms. If you take 3000 calories a day and you only burn 2000 calories then rest of the calories (1000 kcal) will be still stored in your body and they will be responsible for the weight gain
If your goal is to lose the weight fast then you have to burn 80-85% of the calories of your everyday calorie intake. When you do so, you are storing very few amount of calories which will never lead to weight gain and this is how you lose weight fast.

So whatever diet plan you are currently following, calculate the calories of your every meal and burn 80-85% of it. You can use a calorie calculator or a smart watch to check how many calories have you burnt. 

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Abstains and adapts

If you are having a high calorie diet and eating very high carbs and fat foods like chicken, mutton, bacon etc. then you are not going to lose the weight fast. You can not burn very high amount of calories because it takes time. So, take low calorie foods like salads, lentils, fruits etc.
Lentils are rich in protein and you have to increase the amount of protein and decrease the amount of fat and carbs.

If you do so and if you do proper exercise or workout along with your low calorie diet, you will see the result fast. You don't have to work hard in gym if you follow a low calorie diet plan, you can do simple workout to burn the calories in order to lose weight fast.

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If you follow everything accordingly then you will see the result fast. For few days, it will be hard for you to abstain the things but after some times, you will become habitual of it. In order to achieve your goal, you will have to be patient and consistent. If you don't see the result within few weeks, do not stop, be consistent and follow it for at least six months and I assure you that you will see a change in yourself. 

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