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5 best ways to lose stomach fat faster

You often ask questions like how to lose stomach fat, how to lose belly fat fast and people suggest you to do this exercise to lose it or have this supplement and you will lose weight faster. Yes, exercising helps you in losing the weight but diet plays the most important role in losing the weight fast and people don't consider it which is the biggest mistake they do and ultimately they become fail in their goal. 

Here is the 5 best ways how to lose stomach fat fast:

how to lose stomach fat, how to lose belly fat fast


Calories are the reason of weight gain. Consuming too much calories and being unable to burn them is the reason why you gain the weight and that's why you need to avoid consuming too much calories. 

If you consume 2000 calories everyday then try to burn 1600-1700 calorie in order to lose the weight. If you burn 80% calories of your diet then you will lose the weight otherwise you can't lose the weight. 

The best way is that if you have been following any particular diet then consume low calorie foods and salads. Salads like cucumber contains 0 calories and it is best for weight loss. Add salads in your lunch and dinner and eliminate very high calorie food because the more you will consume the calories, the more you have to put the efforts in order to burn them. 


Sugar contains very high amount of calories and it leads to weight gain. If you are serious about getting rid of stomach fat then you must be consuming very low amount of sugar. 

Sugar contains very high amount of carbs and that's the reason you gain weight very fast. Carbs foods should be avoided if you want to lose the weight fast. Calculate the amount of carbs in your diet and eliminate those foods which contain high amount of carbs. 

Foods like chocolate, ice cream, candy, sweets and other foods which contain very high amount of sugar. Fruits contain natural sugar which doesn't affect the body but these foods affect the body badly and you gain the weight. 

Use honey or other no sugar sweet products instead of using sugar. They are best for you and you can replace the sugar with them. 


In order to stay fit for long time, increase the intake of protein in your diet. As we all know that protein is the nutrient which is responsible for the muscle gain. If you cut down your carb intake then you are supposed to increase your protein intake because muscles makes you look fit and aesthetic, not fatty and ugly. 

Always try to consume lean protein. Lean protein means the food which only contains protein and negligible amount of carbs and fat. The best sources of lean protein is chicken breasts, egg white, spinach. These are the best source of lean protein and you must replace the carbs from your food with these foods. 

Protein never makes you look fat even though it contains the good amount of calories. If you are following any particular diet plan then eliminate the foods which contain high amount of carbs and calories and add these foods or you may choose to add other protein foods like chicken, fish, avocado etc. 


This is one of the best and effective ways of losing weight fast. I am not saying you don't have to eat anything. You have to eliminate the grains and non-veg from your meal for only one day. 

Fasting once a week helps us in detoxifying our body and improving our metabolism. Your body eliminates the toxins from the body when you take rest from food for one day. Toxins are also responsible for fat gain and that's why you should fast once a week.

You can eat salads, fruits, juice,dates, black coffee, green tea, red tea, green vegetables etc. Cucumber, tomato, spinach, radish, beatroot must be there in your diet. Foods like this helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. Also consume foods which contain good amount of fiber, it also flushes out the toxins and detoxifies your body. 

It is not that much hard. You only have to consume all the above things. Fasting for once a week is not a tough job and it is best for you if you want to get rid of that ugly belly. You may choose any day of the week and do not change it.


As I have mentioned above that you must be burning the calories in order to lose the weight. You can not lose the weight if you do not burn the calories. Exercise is the best way to burn the calories and stay fit.

Do some exercise or any physical activity which makes you exhausted and sweating. You can not get rid of fat if you do not burn the calories because exercise plays 35% role in losing the weight. 

It's fine you don't have to time to go to gym. There are so many fat burning exercises are there which you can perform at home in order to lose weight fast without a single equipment. 

You can perform these exercise at home without any equipment. They are the best exercises and they take very less time to be performed. 3 best exercises to lose weight fast at home 


If you follow everything accordingly then you will definitely achieve your goal. Losing stomach fat is not that much tough but if you ignore it for long time, it become tougher. Anyone can follow these things in order to lose weight fast especially stomach fat. All you have to do is to admentine on these things and do not check result for few weeks. Follow everything religiously and then you will see the change after a couple of weeks. Good things always take time and efforts to happen. 

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