Keto diet plan for beginners

keto diet plan for beginners

Keto which stands for Ketogenic. Our body produces Ketones through this diet plan. In this diet, your body is dependent on the 75% calories from the fat. You body can not produce ketones if you consume lots of carbs. You have to cut down your carbs intake and increase your fat intake by 75% of your complete diet and you also have to decrease the intake of the protein. 

Our liver produces the ketones from fat and serves to the brain because brain consumes lots of energy everyday and it consumes the ketones as its energy source. The main source of energy remains in your body while following this diet plan is ketones. 

One thing I want you to know that you have to stop consuming fruits especially those fruits which include high amount of carbs. One thing you need to knot is that you have to avoid the carbs consumption as much as you can. Your body will not produce enough amount of ketones if you consume carbs. You have to make the fat your main source of energy. 

This diet plan is followed for losing weight fast and this has been the best way to lose weight fast. This diet plan reduces the hunger which ultimately helps you to lose the weight, but it also has some cons. One can not run for long without fruits. Fruits include different essential nutrient which is very important for our body and you have to avoid fruits in this diet plan. 
                                                         I would say that if you think you are capable of following this diet plan then you are welcome, but if you possess any disease or ailment then you need to ask a doctor whether to follow this diet plan or not because it might be hazardous for you. 

If you are following a weight loss diet plan then follow it. Just make some changes in that. I would say whichever diet plan you have been following, must be including at least three meals. All you have to is to replace the high carbs and protein foods from other foods which include less amount of carbs and protein and include high amount of fat. 

You may choose to add the following foods. These foods re rich in good fat and include negligible amount of carbs and protein:

  • Coconut oil, avocado oil
  • Chicken
  • Organic whole eggs
  • Full fat cheese 
  • Almonds and walnut
  • Peanut butter
  • Full fat dairy including yogurt and cream
  • Tomato, broccoli and green vegetables
  • lemon juice, black coffee, lemon juice.

You don't need to make a very massive change in your diet. All you have to do is to replace the foods which you take in your daily meals from the above foods. The above foods include very low amount of carbs and protein and include very high amount of fat and that's what you need. 

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I must say this diet plan is not very tough to follow. Many people have reduced their body weight through this diet plan. If you follow this diet plan consistently, you will see the change within one month. 

Apart from high carbs food, you also have to avoid the consumption of sugar and whole grain foods. They both include very high amount of carbs and that is what you have to avoid. 

This diet plan reduces the insulin and allows your body to run on the fat and you burn the fat fast in the entire day and ultimately you lose the weight. That's why you are told that you have to consume high amount of fat because your body is able to burn the fat fast by performing different activities and you lose the weight fast when you follow this diet plan. 

With this diet plan, you also have to do some exercise. Give at least 15 minutes if you want to see the result faster. If you stop following this diet plan after few months then you will start gaining weight. So you have to decide it. But if you follow it consistently, you will see a new you because many people have lost overweight through this diet plan. Anyone can follow this diet plan in order to lose weight very fast. 

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