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Gain weight in 7 days complete plan.

Gaining weight is also hard for some people like losing the weight. Some people eat a lot but they don't gain the weight and some people eat less and gain a lot. This problem is common and many people suffer from it. If you are searching the exact answer of your question how to gain weight in a week then you got to read and follow each and everything religiously.

how to gain weight in a week

Have a diet plan and stick to it

The reason you don't gain the weight is because you don't follow a proper diet plan. In order to gain the weight fast, you must be following a diet plan which is rich in calories. 

Some people eat a lot few days and some days they don't consume that much calories and then they think why they're not gaining the weight. You have to consume a stable calorie meals every single day. Eating a lot one day and skipping your meal next day will never lead you weight gain. 

Your diet must be including at least 5 meals if you are a hard gainer. Each meal should including a very good amount of calories. Add high carb and protein food in your diet. Protein builds the muscles in your body and when you consume it, you look muscular and shredded. 

Role of calories in gaining the weight

As we all know that the main source of energy in your body is calorie. The more calorie you consume, the more energetic you are. 

When you consume enough calories and burn it up completely, you don't gain the weight because you have lost all your energy and you have no calories in your body. 

Like, if you are consuming 2000 calories a day and you burn it up at the end of the day, you are not going to gain the weight. If you are burning 2000 calories a day then you must be consuming at least 2500-2700 calories in order to gain the weight. 

The rest of the calories which you haven't burnt work as a weight gainer because you still have energy in your body at the end of the day and when you sleep, you gain the weight. That's why sleeping also plays a very important role in gaining the weight.

How much calories for gaining the weight

There is a different calorie intake of the different people. Some people's calorie intake is 3000 calories and some people's calorie intake is 2000. So we can't predict a stable amount of calorie for everyone to gain the weight. 

If you are currently consuming 2000 calories then increase it by 500 calories or increase it by 700 calories in order to gain the weight. 

Make sure you have to calculate the calories you are taking everyday. You can directly check on internet which food is consisting how many calories. By checking it, you will be able to add more calories. 

Also if you can afford then get a smart watch. You can check through it how many calories you burnt so you would be able to figure out how many calories is still left in your body. 

Diet plan for gaining the weight in a week

I am not going to give you a specific diet plan. I have already prepared a diet plan for one month in which I have included all the foods and meals which you are supposed to consume in order to gain the weight in a week. You can follow this diet plan for a week and you will see the change in your weight. 

All you have to do is to follow everything accordingly. Do not miss a single thing if you are serious about gaining the weight. 

Note- You can follow this diet plan for one week, one month or one year. It will work in every case and that's why it is a great diet plan for those who want to gain the weight fast. 

Weight gain exercises

In order to gain the weight, you must be exercising or working out. You might be thinking how can be exercising help in gaining the weight. When you workout or exercise, your muscles get broken down and your blood circulates properly in your body. 

When your muscles break, they need protein to get healed. So, when you consume anything (especially protein foods) after exercising, they start healing those broken down muscles by generating more new muscle bundles. So when it gets healed, it looks bigger and that's how you look bigger. 

So this is what happens in your body when you do exercises. You don't need to join a gym or hire a trainer. You can do exercises at home without a single equipment.

Here is the exercises which you can do at home without a single equipment. These exercises also boost the strength in your body. 

These exercises are best for getting an amazing upper body and they're also best for gaining the weight. These exercises targets your upper body and breaks the muscles and then the new muscles formation process starts. 

Do these exercises everyday for half an hour along with your diet plan. In the diet plan, all the foods which are mentioned contain good amount of protein which are best for gaining the weight. 

Do's and Don'ts

Do not run- Running is not good if you are trying to gain the weight. You must be avoiding the cardio and abs exercises. They burn lots of calories and that's why you are not supposed to do them.

Stay hydrated- Drink enough water. It keeps your body hydrated and strengthens your metabolism. 

Sleep enough- As I have discussed above that when you sleep, you gain the weight because the process of gaining the weight through out the calories occurs in your body. So sleep for at least 8 hours. It will literally help you in gaining the weight.  

Eat in every 2 hours- If you think that you are getting meal gaps in the above diet plan then eat in every 2 hours. Do not stay hungry. 

Don't drink water before your meal- Do not drink water before half-one hour of your meal. Water fills your stomach and kills your hunger. So, drink water before half an hour of your meal. 


If you follow everything which I have mentioned for one week, you will see a change in your body. Before following these things, find out what is your weight and then follow these things and check your weight after one week again. By doing this, you will get an idea how much weight did you gain and if you want, you may choose to follow these things for long time. Anyone can follow this diet plan in order to gain the weight fast. So here is the answer of your question how to gain weight in a week. 

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