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3 basic tips for weight loss

If you are one who wants to lose weight fast but have no basic idea, then you are in the right place.

There are many ways through which you can lose weight but probably all the ways are complicated. From all those ways, I have found the best as well as the basic ways that are backed by science.

This article includes all the things which you must follow to achieve your goal fast. 

You are supposed to follow every single thing if you are serious about losing weight fast. Remember, every single thing. 

Here are those 3 basic tips that you need to follow:

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Cut down your calorie intake

If you are consuming more than enough calories then cut it down. Calories are the main source of energy and they also work as a weight gainer. When you consume an excessive amount of calories and don't burn it in exercising or doing anything, then those left calories work as the weight gainer.

If you are not able to cut down your calorie intake then burn it out. Calories will never lead you to gain weight if you completely burn them or we can say spend them. 

If you are currently consuming let's say 3000 calories and you can burn only 2000 calories, then do one thing. Consume only 2000 calories (calculate the amount of calories you are consuming) and burn 1700-1800 calories anyhow by the end of the day. This is the best thing which you can do and it contributes a lot to your weight loss goal.

The best thing which you can do to burn the calories is running. If you don't have time as well as money to spend in the gym or hire a gym trainer, then you can run or play a sport like football or volleyball. These sports are best and they help you in burning lots of calories in a very short period.

You can also do some exercises at home. I will also mention those exercises which you can do at home to lose weight in a week. 

Cut back carb intake

Carbs are complex and they contribute a lot in weight gain. The best thing which you can do is to avoid the foods which are rich in carbs. Carbs are complex and that's why you must avoid it.

Foods like banana, potato, mango, whole milk, and other junk foods contain a very high amount of carbs which must be avoided if you are in a weight loss journey. 

Just do one thing, before consuming any food which you don't know about how much carb contains, check on the internet about it and find out its nutrition value.

Compare the number of carbs to protein and if you find that the amount of carbs is less than or equal to that of protein then consume it.

This is the best thing which you can do. Don't be lazy, it won't take more than 2 minutes and it will contribute a lot in your weight loss journey.

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Follow a diet plan

You must know that diet contributes 65% in achieving your goal and workout contributes 35%. You must be focusing on your diet if you really want to lose weight in a week. Diet includes everything i.e., how much you should consume, which food is best etc. 

If you are currently following a diet plan through an instructor then it's fine. Follow that continuously even if you are not getting the result because some people have a tendency to lose weight slowly.

Along with that, follow a workout plan too because you can't lose weight fast without exercising. If you can't go to the gym, do some home exercises or you may choose to run. Exercising will help you in burning calories that way you will lose weight fast.

All you have to do is to follow every single thing. You have to follow the diet as well as workout plan both the things simultaneously and then you will see the result in the first week.


If you follow all these things then I assure you that you will start getting the results. Losing weight is not easy but it's not tough too if you are adamantine.

Along with these things, have a quality sleep of 8 hours every day. Sleeping provides rest to our body and that's why you must sleep for at least 8 hours to lose the weight fast.

Anyone can follow these basic steps to lose weight.

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