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5 best summer foods to consume for staying healthy and hydrated

As we all know that summer is the hottest season and people look for the things to get rid of its wraith. People consume watery and cold foods to keep themselves hydrated and cool. 
There are a large number of summer foods which are good to have in summers but here are the 6 best summer foods which you must consume in order to stay healthy and hydrated.

Here are the 5 summer foods which you must consume:

summer foods

Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is one of the best and my favorite beverage. Sugarcane contains a high concentration of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron which makes it the best drink. It helps in replenishing the lost electrolytes and water in the body. 

Along with this property, it also increases muscle power because it contains the natural glucose which plays an important role in maintaining the muscle power of our body. 

It is also best for the skin and it prevents you from many skin problems that have chances to occur in summer. 

You must drink it twice a day in order to stay hydrated. Use mint, lemon, and ice in it because these things improve their quality and also make it tastier. I keep this food first in the list of summer foods for these reasons. 


As we all know that cucumber is one of the foods which has many uses. People use this vegetable to cure skin related problems and it is also consumed in salads.

Why cucumber is best for hydrating you because cucumber contains 95% water and rest its pulp. Cucumber is scientifically proven as the most hydrating vegetable on earth because of its hydrating properties. 

One should eat the cucumber with its peal. Its peal is good for the body and people make mistakes that they consume without peal. 

You can also make its slices and keep them on your eyes, it provides coolness to your eyes. 

Consume 2-3 cucumbers in summers. Sprinkle a few amounts of black salt on it and then consume it simply. It has no side effects and along with being one of the best summer foods, it is also best for weight loss. 

Lemon water

Lemon water has many qualities along with adding value in weight loss and hydration. It is the best source of vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant. It consists of the citrus which contains calcium and potassium and when it is combined with salt, it provides a balance of pH and fluid levels in the body and that's why you should add a little amount of salt in it. 

It maintains the pH in the body which is responsible for dealing with many skin problems and in purifying the blood. 

In case you got the problem of dehydration which leads to many problems like constipation and other stomach related maladies, you can drink the lemon water in good concentration thrice a day. It will help you in getting rid of those problems. 

So drink 1-2 glass of lemon water in summer days in order to keep yourself hydrated. 


One thing you must know that water is the thing which hydrates our body but you can't drink only water for a long time to stay hydrated. That's why you should consume the foods and beverages which contain 80-85% of water.  

Curd is a dairy product and contains about 85% water which is best for hydrating the body. 

Curd is tasty and almost everyone likes it. You can also consume yogurt. It also possesses the same quality. It also has the property of replenishing the electrolytes in the body which is important for staying hydrated. 

As it is one of the best summer foods, you can consume it after your lunch and dinner. You can add sugar in it.

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You don't like any fruit, that's fine, but you have to consume the watermelon in summers in order to keep yourself protected from UV light hydrated.

In fruits, watermelon is the best summer fruit because it contains beta carotene and lycopene which gives you body protection from the UV light which is harmful. 

Along with this, it also contains 95% of water and mineral which keeps you hydrated. 

Consume at least 4 cups of watermelon or drink its juice before going out. You can also add the leaves of basil in it. It will make it tastier. 
It also prevents harmful fluid imbalances in the body. 


Dehydration is a problem and it makes you unhealthy. You must take the liquid diet in the summers rather than taking the oily foods. All the summer foods which are mentioned are very good and a great source of water and many different essential nutrients which you must consume in order to stay hydrated and healthy in the summers. These foods don't lead to weight gain and you can consume it without any stress. You can also consume these foods as your meal. 

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