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Amazing benefits of fasting you must know

We all know about fasting. Fasting is a period of time in which we do not eat much food like we eat on usual days and we get to spend the whole day on some specific foods.

There are so many benefits of fasting for health which is probably unknown. It is very important and everyone must follow this practice in order to stay fit for a long time. 

Benefits of fasting, benefits of fasting for body

Benefits of fasting

There are so many important benefits of fasting but these are some most important benefits of fasting which you must know:


As we all know that our body accumulates lots of toxins because of unhealthy eating habits. Toxins create lots of maladies in our body and also promotes many acute diseases. 

Liver functions to flush out the toxins from our body.

You might be thinking that the liver detoxifies our body then why do we need to detoxify it by fasting. 

But, it is needed because our liver is not able to eliminate a very high amount of toxins at one time and we need to help it by eliminating the foods especially oily and junk foods, and by drinking plenty of water. These things contribute to detoxifying our body and helps the liver to eliminate them. 

Toxins cause many maladies like acne, inflammation, itching, pimples, boils/abscess, etc. So when we detoxify, we ultimately get rid of all these problems. 

So, this is one of the best benefits of fasting and you must be doing it in order to stay away from many skin related diseases.

Improves digestion

We often get problems related to our digestive system and stomach and this is because of the continuous consumption of fast foods and junk foods that we care about or not but actually affect our digestive system. 

Fasting helps in improving the digestion system by giving your body a break which is much needed in order to improve it. 

Drinking water is much important because it keeps your stomach cool and it also avoids the acidity which leads to many stomach related problems. 

In fasting, you are not supposed to eat hot and spicy foods, you are always told to drink plenty of water and eat very less amount of food and prefer foods like vegetable juice/smoothies, lemon water, green tea, etc.

So, in fasting, you eat very less amount of food and your stomach is capable of digesting that little amount of food very easily and when you do so for 1-2 weeks, your digestive system gets improved.

So this is how fasting improves your digestive system and you must do it at least once in a month.

Improves metabolism

As you might be knowing that your body has a tendency to lose weight faster when you have a strong metabolism

When you have a very strong metabolism, you do not gain weight even if you eat a lot and that's why we see that some people eat a lot but they do not gain weight.

Some people have congenital strong metabolism but if you have a week metabolism then you don't need to be worried. You can improve yourself by fasting.

So, whenever you are fast, drink cold water every 1-1.5 hour, drink green tea and also drink black coffee and use coconut oil instead of using any other oil while cooking something. 

These foods are best and they contribute a lot in increasing your metabolism and also some of the foods like coffee is on of the best and cheapest fat burner and it increases your metabolic rate by a very good percentage. 

Along with this, also do some exercises and sweat out. Exercises also improve your metabolism especially those exercises which are intensive.

You can do these exercises at home. You don't need any equipment, you just need a mat in order to perform them. 

So this is how you lose weight fast and in a healthy way because of improved metabolism and this is what one of the best benefits of fasting for health. 

Improves mental health

As we know that our food controls our minds. You might have seen priests, they are so calm and focused while meditating. This is because of the very simple foods that they consume.

We eat lots of oily and junk foods and that also affects our mental health and that results in a lack of focus and low performance. 

If you can't avoid it then do fasting for at least once a month and if possible then twice a month. It controls many hormones in our body and balances your mental health. 

So if you work in something which takes lots of focus and attention then you must be fasting. Trust me, it will improve your concentration and focus greatly and you will be more productive.

So this is another great benefit of fasting on your body. 

Improves hormone & rejuvenation

Another benefit of fasting for health is that it improves the HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and also controls the dopamine which is responsible for many hormones.

We all know that hormones are very important for our body and they also control our emotions. When we get stressed, it is also because of hormonal changes in our bodies.

So, fasting also improves our growth hormones and also deals with our stress hormones. 

Along with that, fasting also reduces cholesterol and decreases the heart related diseases. So, if you are suffering from heart-related problems then you must be fasting for at least twice a month. 

Fasting is also known for rejuvenating your body and makes you look young and active. It helps in the production of new cells and the elimination of dead cells from the body and also avoids the aging signs from your skin.

So, this is how fasting rejuvenates your body and decreases the risks of heart-related diseases and that's why you should be fasting for staying healthy. 

Foods to be taken during fast

Benefits of fasting, benefits of fasting for body

These are some foods which you can take during your fasting period. 
  1. Lemon juice
  2. Green tea
  3. Black coffee
  4. Spinach smoothie
  5. Dates
  6. Carrot juice
  7. Bitter gourd juice/smoothie
  8. Basil leaves
  9. Mint
  10. Coconut water

These are the foods that you have to consume during your fasting period. 

I have not mentioned water in that list because I have earlier mentioned that you have to drink cold water every 1-1.5 hours. Apart from these foods, you don't have to eat anything else.

Most of these foods are a cleanser and they detoxify our body and they must be there in your fasting food list. You can skip any one of them but you don't have to add anything by yourself. 

You don't have to consume these foods in a very big amount. Consume them in a very less amount and try to get satiated.

Don't crave for more.


Fasting has been a very important thing and it has been practiced for hundreds of years for giving your body rest.

All the things which are mentioned above are science-backed and worth following. If you do so, you will be getting some flabbergasted changes in your body after a period of time.

Especially if you are having heart-related issues and if you are struggling in your weight loss journey then you must be fasting in order to get rid of these problems.

Anyone can be fasting because the benefits of fasting are a lot more but these are the top benefits of fasting for health and that's the reason you should go for it.

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