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How to lose weight in college (easy steps)

Many people in their college want to lose weight, and it may be impossible for some people because the college's routine may not sync with their lifestyle. Those who live in hostels also find it difficult to lose weight because most of the hostels' food is full of oil, spices, and rich in calories, making people gain weight.

If you are serious about the question 'how to lose weight in college,' you need to read this blog clearly cause many subtle things will be covered in this blog post. All you need to do is to follow each and everything to achieve your weight loss goal.

how to lose weight in college

How to lose weight in college

As you are a college person, you must be eating outside/junk food a lot, and this is where you need to make a change. You need to substitute the food that you consume outside with the fruits and smoothies. Instead of eating pizza, burgers, coke, you can go for the banana, apple, spinach smoothie, juice, etc. It is not an impossible task, but it will add a lot to your weight loss goal.

Avoid the food of the cafeteria/restaurant. These foods are quite unhealthy because of repetitive use of oil, which may also get you other health issues apart from making you gain unhealthy weight. Don't look at other peoples who eat a lot but don't gain weight. It happens because their metabolism is very high, but it is also unhealthy for them.

Avoid packed foods. You must see some foods are packed or wrapped in polythene foil, which is not good for you to eat. I am not talking about the chips tho it is also unhealthy for you. I am talking about the foods that are made earlier, and then they are wrapped in foils, and then they are served after being through the oven. That is not good for you.

Substitute tea with a coffee if you are a coffee person. Coffee contains the ingredients that boost your metabolic rate, which results in burning fat faster. If you have a good metabolism, your body will convert the fat into energy, and that way, it won't remain in your body. The fat will get burnt. Make sure you avoid milk coffee and consume black coffee along with a very little amount of sugar.

Try to bring your own snacks if you are on weight loss and have a diet plan. You can bring fruits, salad, veggies, smoothies and then you can have it on time. This is probably a great way to keep your weight loss game going on.

How to lose weight in college if you live in a hostel-

The food that is served to the students in a hostel is full of oil and spices, which makes the process of losing weight hard for the students who want to do it. Here are a couple of things that one can do to lose weight while living in a hostel-

  • You can avoid the rice either at lunch or at your dinner. The quality of rice is not very good at the hotel's food, so you better avoid it at least once a day.
  • Eat lentils, chapati, and green veggies. Lentils are rich in protein, green veggies are rich in other essential nutrients, and chapati contains many carbs.
  • Do not consume lots of tea or coffee or any beverage that is high in sugar. Sugar is one of the reasons why you gain weight.
  • Consume lots of salad while eating your meal. It will help you in neutralizing the effect of the food that you consume.

Here is a pro tip- Get a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar and make sure the "Mother word is mentioned on that. If you consume it, you will see a big change. To know more about how it works as a weight-loss syrup, you can read this post- Apple cider vinegar for weight loss.

So this is the answer to your question about 'how to lose weight in college' if you live in a hostel. Make sure you follow each of them to see the best results.

If you want to see the results even faster, then you can do one more thing. You can start exercising. Exercising won't take you more than one hour, but it will keep you fit, lean, and look aesthetic. Exercising helps in losing weight because you burn lots of calories when you do this.

how to lose weight in college

Either you can join a gym, or you can simply start doing some home workouts such as push-ups, burpees, squats, etc. These three are the best.

If you can not do all of them, you can do only one exercise to burn many calories. Here is the detail about that exercise along with a video- Only exercise for weight loss. Do this exercise at least 150 times and make a set of 6, and each set should include 25 reps. You must feel exhausted after doing this exercise.


So this is the blog about how to lose weight in college. If you are serious about it then you should follow each of the steps that are mentioned above in the article. Follow each of the things and you will see the results fast.

All of these methods are easy to follow. There is no need to follow over exaggerated things. Just follow these simple steps and become a new you.


how to lose weight in college
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