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Is Parachute Coconut Oil Edible? (Simply Explained)

Parachute coconut oil was a product we often used in our childhood. It is one of India's most loved products. Parachute is now one of the biggest brands in India, which have developed trust among all the consumers. One of the questions people ask is that is parachute coconut oil edible? I will discuss whether parachute coconut oils are good for cooking or used for external purposes only.

How do you know if coconut oil is safe to consume?

Is Parachute Coconut Oil Edible

It is essential to check the label to see if coconut oil is safe for direct consumption.

Parachute coconut oil claims it is 100% pure coconut oil. The back of the packaging states that Parachute coconut oils are a premium quality 100% pure edible oil made from the finest coconuts.

The parachute coconut oil is safe to eat, as long as it's clearly stated on the package. However, the packaging is lacking one thing.

We always verify any oil we purchase for consumption; for example, olive oil is extra virgin olive oil or not. Before you consume the oil, make sure it is virgin. Virgin oil is obtained by cold extraction and is not heated.

So Parachute coconut oil mentions that it is edible but never mentions whether it is Virgin coconut oil or not. It can use refined coconut oil or purified coconut oil.

It can be used for direct consumption but not for regular usage. The packaging labels don't mention whether the oil is virgin coconut oil or made using cold compression. It is not clear what the packaging labels say.

Parachute Coconut Oil uses what type of coconut oil?

Understanding certain terms are necessary to be able to comprehend the coconut oil content-

Coconut oil: Cold-pressed vs hot pressed

Cold-pressed coconut oil is processed at temperatures of 120°F, but expeller-pressed coconut oil isn't processed at higher temperatures than 120°F. Expeller-pressed coconut oil has a lower nutritional value because it is heated at a higher temperature. Parachute Coconut oil is hot-pressed coconut oil. An experiment will prove this that you will learn about further.

Coconut oil: Refined or unrefined

Refined coconut oil is coconut oil that has been bleached to make it look clearer and deodorized to remove the coconut oil smell. While it will contain the same fats as coconut oil, it will lack those antioxidants. On the other hand, Unrefined coconut oil has not been subject to any bleaching or chemical processing. Parachute coconut oil, on the other hand, is unrefined coconut oil.

The Experiment

A simple test that determines the quality and purity of Parachute coconut oil-

  1. Get two glasses. Place a little bit of organic coconut oil in one glass and parachute coconut oil in another glass. Put them in the fridge for 30 minutes. Pure coconut oil will solidify if it is kept cool.
  2. After 30 minutes, organic coconut oil is completely solidified, but parachute coconut oil remains liquid.

What does this mean?

The colour

Pour both the oils on different glasses to see the colour. The organic edible oil is naturally white, while the parachute coconut, on the other hand, is slightly yellower in colour.

The colour after freezing

Organic coconut oil is completely white and contains no impurities, whereas parachute coconut oils are darker in colour with fewer impurities.

Conclusion of the experiment

It was clearly shown that Parachute coconut oil has a lower quality than other organic cold-pressed coconut oils. Its yellow colour indicates that it was heated at higher temperatures to prepare.

Is Parachute Coconut Oil bad, then?

For skin/hair

Parachute coconut oil may not be the best choice for your hair and skin. Parachute Coconut Oil has a lower level of essential fatty acids, which will aid your hair and skin with their antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

For raw consumption

Another no, Parachute coconut oil is devoid of essential nutrients, so you will only get saturated fats.

For cooking

Parachute coconut oil can be used for cooking. However, you heat it for long periods at high temperatures while cooking, so all the nutrients will die. So you can use coconut oil for cooking if it is 100% pure edible.


So this was all about is the parachute coconut oil edible, and I hope you have found this article helpful.

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