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10 Amazing Benefits of Munakka That You Should Know

Munakka, also known as dry gaps ( Vitis Vinifera), should not be confused or misunderstood with Kismis and raisins. There are so many health benefits of Munakka that you will learn about further in this article.

What is Munakka?

Munakka is made from dried grapes. It is larger than Kishmish in size and also contains seeds. Munakka is good for women's health. You will notice a significant health improvement in your body if you eat 2-3 Munakkas daily.

benefits of munakka

What makes Munakka so different from Kishmish?

Kishmish and Munakkas are often confused. Kishmish, on the other hand, is generally known as dry grapes. Munakka, however, is commonly known as general raisins. These are the main differences between Munakkas and Kishmish-

  • Kishmish has no seeds, while Munakka does
  • Both Murakkas and Kishmish are sweet, but Munakkas have a more bitter taste.
  • Kishmish has a slightly yellowish-green colour, but Munakkas have a brownish colour.
  • Munakkas are healthier than Kishmish.

Nutrition in Munakka

Munakka has a high amount of calories, ranging between 350-354 Kcal. Munakkas also contains carbohydrate 86%, and almost no fat, making it an excellent food for people with heart problems.

Before consuming Munakka, people with diabetes should consult their physician as munakka contains a tremendous amount of sugar. Munakka is rich in iron and protein, with a 2.3-gram average. Your body will need all the nutrients it contains.

10 amazing benefits of Munakka

Following are the health benefits of this food-

1. An excellent medicine to treat acidity

Munakkas are a great option for anyone who suffers from acidity or gastritis. Munakkas are a crucial component in treating acidity.

Soak Munakkas overnight and then have the Munakkas with the water in the morning. This cures your acidity problem.

2. It can treat constipation

A poor digestive system is the root cause of most diseases. Munakkas should be consumed regularly if you suffer from constipation or acidity, and gastritis. Munakka is high in fibres, which aid in maintaining bowel movements.

3. It prevents anaemia

Recent studies have shown that amenia is a common condition in women. This is due to the reduction of iron in their blood. Munakkas are rich in Vitamin B and Iron. Consuming it every day maintains the iron content of your blood, preventing anaemia.

4. It can strengthen your bones

Munakka is high in calcium and boron. Munakka, if consumed regularly, strengthens bones and meets the calcium requirements of the body. Your chances of developing osteoporosis are reduced.

Munakkas also contain high levels of potassium and magnesium. This aids in the regulation of acidity and elimination of toxic toxins. Munakkas are also important in the removal of kidney stones and treatment of arthritis.

5. Munakkas for hair health

Munakkas are recommended for those with dandruff. Regular intake of Munakka water will gradually reduce the amount of dandruff. You will also be able to strengthen your hair with Munakka water.

6. It aids in weight gain

Munakka is the best option if you want to gain weight or gain mass. While many weight gainers and mass-gainers are on the market, Munakkas is an ayurvedic method to gain weight. Eating Munakkas daily with milk can increase your digestive power and weight.

7. Prevents you from getting a cold or a cough

Munakka, if consumed regularly, can protect against bacteria and viruses. It boosts your immunity power. This is especially useful for children with seasonal colds or coughs. Munakkas can produce mild heat, which is why these can be used to treat cold and flu.

8. Your brainpower increases

Consuming soaked Munakkas daily will give you a sharp boost in brainpower. It increases your brain power and memory. It is highly recommended for students and children.

9. For lowering blood pressure

Consuming Munakkas releases nitric dioxide into the body. Nitric oxide helps lower blood pressure and improves heart health.

So these were the essential benefits of munakka. Next, you will know the other health benefits of consuming this food.

10. Additional health benefits

Munakkas contain certain phenolic compounds, such as risperidone, flavonoids, and Anthocyanin, which causes Munakkas to have several properties-

  • Anti-ageing properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antioxidant properties

So these were the ten health benefits of munakka. Next, you will learn how do you consume it.

How to consume Munakka?

Munakkas can be eaten in any other manner. Munakkas are best eaten in the following ways. These are the health benefits of this food:

  1. Put the Munakkas in water overnight and then drink that water with Munakka in the morning.
  2. Munakkas can be mixed in milk to make a drink. This will give you more nutrients.
  3. Munakkas can be used if your body is deficient in iron or calcium. You can Munakkas in honey and then consume it every day. This will help to treat any iron or calcium deficiencies in your body.
  4. Even Munakkas paste can be made and applied to your joints to stop the pain. Munakkas are an excellent option for arthritis cases, and it includes Anti-inflammatory properties.


So this was about the benefits of Munakka, and I hope you have found this article helpful. It's one of the best dry fruits, and if you consume it regularly, it'll keep you away from many ailments.  

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