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20 Best Winter Flowers In India

In winter, the weather becomes cold, and temperatures drop. As a result, the variety of plants in the garden stop blooming properly, and this is where you need to know about the winter flowers in India that can be grown in the garden to make it fuller and fragrant.

If you wish to fill the garden with flowers during the winter season, it is essential to plant the most beautiful flowers that bloom throughout the day and make them look beautiful. The winter flowers are available in a variety of colors, sizes, etc. Further in this article, you will learn about the top 20 best winter flowering plants in India.

Following your favorite color of flower or shape, it is possible to plant them in your gardens. These plants can be grown using seeds or cut, and they must be available in your local nursery.

Top 20 Winter Flowers In India (With Details)

1. Petunia

Petunia is an annual flowering plant. It's a major producer of flowers, and if properly cared for, it blooms until May-June. Petunia flowers are the best to plant in winter.

It doesn't require much attention, and even with little effort, it provides an attractive appearance to your garden. It can be propagated through cutting or seedlings. Seed propagation is simpler and is the best method of planting, and that's what you can adapt here.

2. Verbena

Verbena is a very adaptable flowering plant planted in hanging baskets, windows, rock gardens, etc. Color variety in verbena flower plant includes violet white, purple-red, and so on.

It is very easy to propagate through seeds. Within 12 to 15 days, it will expand to its proper size. It is among the top winter flowers in India.

3. Aster

Aster flower is appealing, beautiful to behold. It is easy to grow during winter using seeds, and there are also plenty of colors in aster flowers.

If you're looking for the perfect plant to plant in the winter months, go for it. You can harvest seeds that are dried from aster blooms and then use them the next time.

4. Gazania

Gazania is an excellent flowering plant for winter. If you grow one of them in your garden, soon it will grow into a variety of plants. It's a tough plant that doesn't require much attention. It only requires plenty of light and space to flourish.

As more sunlight it gets, the more blooms it will give. In the absence of sunlight, its flower becomes small in size. Add fertilizer to it in liquid form every 15 days for the most effective results.

5. Dahlia

Dahlia flower plants are one of the most beautiful winter flowers in India. It is grown using three ways: cutting, buds, and seeds. September to October is the best time to cultivate this flowering plant.

Dahlia flowering plants are huge, almost to palm size. There are numerous colors in dahlia, including pink and red, light yellow, and so on. Cutting is a simple way to grow the dahlia plant. If you plant it in a pot, make sure you provide adequate support by sticking its stems are delegated.

6. Geranium

Geranium is a great plant to grow in winter, requires you to take good care of it to make it last and continue blooming until summer. The Pot mix should contain 50% soil, 25% vermicompost, and 25 percent sand because this combination ensures proper growth and bloom.

Its flower is shaped like a clump of flowers, and it requires 5-6 hours of sun for it to develop well. Also, this flowering plant comes in a variety of colors, including white, red, pink, and so on.

7. Pansy

The unique flower of the pansy appears like a butterfly. Pansy is very easy to cultivate during winter. It doesn't require much sunshine as normal sunlight is enough to grow it. It is more attractive in a basket that is hanging.

This flower needs organic fertilizer to thrive. When planting in a pot, make sure the holes of the pots are opened so that excess water can easily drain away. The pansy flower is available in various colors, including violet, yellow, purple, and red, and all these varieties are enough to grab your attention.

8. Chrysanthemum

It is believed that the Winter period is the ideal time to grow a chrysanthemum plant. Its flowers bloom well in cold climates. Chrysanthemum can be grown using two methods of cutting and seeding. Choose your favorite color, and you'll find the flowers of Chrysanthemum.

The flowers last at least 1 month. If you want to see your garden bloom forever, choose the chrysanthemum flower plant.

9. Salvia

Salvia is another most beautiful winter flowering plant that grows in India. Salvia flowers are larger in height and have appealing flower buds. For growing the salvia flower plant, seed proliferation is ideal, and you will be able to easily get the seeds for the Salvia plant nearby the nursery.

When planting, ensure that vermicompost and soil are both fine and smooth. It is quick to grow, and within one month, it grows to be about 4-5 inches tall. Simply add organic or liquid fertilizer every 15 days.

10. Nasturtium

A list of the winter flowers in India isn't complete without the Nasturtium. The flower is stunning, and, most importantly, its leaves look stunning. It is also easy to maintain this flowering plant. Nasturtium is the most suitable choice to plant in the winter months.

You can easily propagate this flowering plant through seeds. It doesn't require much fertilizer to thrive, but an excessive amount of fertilizer can cause the development of leaves. It is more attractive in a basket that is hanging, which is why many Indians have this flowering plant on their balcony.

11. Gerbera

Gerbera is a stunning winter flower native to India and is typically used to decorate engagement and wedding ceremonies in India. This flower is costly, and its flowers are sold in markets to decorate the space.

I suggest you find a Gerbera flower, dry it, and use it to seed your next plantation. If you want to grow the gerbera flower quickly, the soil should be well-drained and moist. For many qualities, we found it as one of the best winter flowers in India.

12. Calibrachoa

Calibrachoa is also among the best winter plants in India and is also a favorite of many gardening lovers. It can easily be grown in the form of a hanging basket. It will grow in a trailing manner, which enhances the appealing of the hanging basket.

Calibrachoa requires adequate sunlight for 6-7 hours. A tip is to cut its branches and leaves so that the branches can develop rapidly. It can be easily grown through seeds, and that's how many people pick to grow this flowering plant.

13. Dianthus

In addition to petunia, the dianthus flower is the most popular flower to be planted during the wintertime in India. It will last for the whole year long if the climate isn't too hot. It requires a small amount of water. Too excessive amounts of water can kill this plant. Pot to grow this flowering plant should have a similar amount of soil, sand, and compost.

Dianthus flowering plants require calcium carbonate to help them develop quickly, and you can use a fertilizer with calcium carbonate. Many amazing color options offered by dianthus are pink, white, red-white, and red.

14. Daisy

Daisy Flower can grow very quickly when the soil is damp. It can take up an entire land space when it begins to grow. Daisy is easily propagated through seeds.

Daisy is a stunning winter flowering plant found in India. It comes in varieties that have single petals and double petals, with a wide variety of colors.

15. Kalanchoe

The list of the winter flowers in India isn't complete without including the Kalanchoe flowering plant. The flower's look is vibrant and amazing to see, and it comes in a variety of colors. Even I have planted it in my backyard because it provides many flowers in the smaller spaces.

Kalanchoe flowers require the right fertilizer for blooms and a good amount of cuttings is the best way to plant Kalanchoe in your garden.

16. Phlox

Phlox is an Indian winter flowering plant that has beautiful tiny flowers. This plant is available in numerous colors that give you many options. The flowering plant doesn't require any care. Its flowers are similar to vinca. However, it blooms in a clump. The best method to plant Phlox is to mix various shades of seeds into one pot.

17. Namesia

If you want to have your garden appear multi-colored, you should plant the Nemesia flower plant. Nemesia's flowers are striking and are easy for beginners to grow. The most effective method of propagation is to plant seeds.

Nemesia flower plants are ideal to use for the winter months in India. This plant requires moist soil as well as regular sun to produce its flowers. Use organic fertilizer, which is pretty normal to get more effective results from a flowering plant.

18. Lupin

One of my favorites and probably the unique winter flower in India is Lupin. Lupin Flower plant is easily be grown using seeds propagation. Lupin flowers grow taller and become very attractive. There are a variety of hues in the Lupin plant, which makes it so multicolor. It is more vigorous in a cold climate and is popular in many countries.

19. MariGold

Marigold is one of the most common and easiest to grow the plant in winter in India. This flowering plant also doesn't require any extensive care. One thing to remember is to ensure is that the soil is well-drained. Seed propagation is simple to cultivate this plant, and there are numerous varieties of colors, including marigold yellow, deep brown, light yellow, and so on. Beginners can easily cultivate this plant in their gardens.

20. Coleus

Coleus does not count as a flowering plant but is considered a winter months flowering plant in India due to the attractive leaves. It thrives in the wintertime. Coleus leaves look stunning and are very attractive. For rapid growth, you can use organic fertilizers as it boosts the best development of the plant.

So this was about the 20 best winter flowers in India. To make your garden look more attractive and appealing, you can grow these flowering plants.


There are many seasons in India, and each season has some merits and demerits. Many plants stop growing in a particular season because they don't get what they require to grow correctly. Also, many kinds of plants start growing as they find a particular season friendly and effective to flourish.

So this was all about the winter flowers in India, and I hope you've found this article helpful. Have a great day ahead.

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